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Destined to roam the world forever. This is what I like. I'm insatiable.

Courtyard in Oaxaca, Mexico. Taken by Rachel Smith.

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"I taste the good and bad in you and want them both."
Anita Ofokansi, Literary Sexts (via hellanne)

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You might be sitting with him at the kitchen table drinking coffee from mismatched mugs and saying nothing because sometimes saying nothing is the best thing to say. He’s miles away, and you’re thinking you should take a shower or fix your hair or at least brush your teeth because you feel dirty and self-conscious. You wish the sun weren’t so bright on your face and you wish there was something other than corn flakes for breakfast so your stomach won’t start making hideous noises. You’re about to open your mouth and say something to break the silence, but he speaks first. He tilts his head slightly and says:

“You make me really happy.”

And you will agree he does, too.

Carrie Laski, Things To Say Besides I Love You (via thoughtcatalog)

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