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Destined to roam the world forever. This is what I like. I'm insatiable.

Il Lee (이일), ballpoint pen on canvas

Il Lee (이일), ballpoint pen on canvas

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it’s been awhile since i felt this bad.alone.defeated.tired.

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"these are the facts:
cigarettes will kill you
yes does not always mean yes
how kind you are to people
sometimes does not matter
coffee is bad for you
8 hours of sleep should not be a goal
it should always be a reality
green vegetables will keep you
young for as long as you eat them
nothing will ever be as beautiful
as your solitude
breathing deeply can calm you down
in any situation
mediation will center you
but only for a short time
love will hold you together
when you are falling apart"
Esperanza Friel, “The Truth” (via fuckingcamilla)

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